Zhenia Shinbo

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Zhenia Shinbo
Type (PNewspaper#Daily) (PNewspaper)
Format (PBroadsheet)
Owner(s)Zhenia Broadcasting Network
Founder(s)Hodam Shin
PublisherKenneth Bang
Editor-in-chiefJinsung Hyeon
Staff writersApprox. 2,200 journalists
FoundedMarch 12, 1855; 169 years ago (1855-03-12)
HeadquartersDaedo, Zhenia
Circulation15,200,000 (c. 2018)

The Zhenia Shinbo (Zhenian: 진국신보; 陳國新報, meaning Zhenian News) is a Zhenian broadsheet daily newspaper published across Daedo, Jinhae, Changan and other cities in the nation. Along with the Zhenia Broadcasting System (ZBS) and other ventures, it constitutes the Zhenia Broadcasting Network, the largest publicly-funded media network in the nation, while the Zhenia Shinbo itself is the largest newspaper in the nation still in circulation as of 2020. As one of the oldest newspapers still in circulation in Zhenia, it has won more editorial awards than any other Zhenian newspaper and remains as a core component of the nation's largest news provider.


The Zhenia Shinbo was founded during the Zhenian Civil War with direct orders from Emperor Seongjo in 1855, when the Emperor demanded a national source of journalism upon which news and opinions regarding the fate of the then-existent Shindan dynasty would be shared. Although there were already private newspapers in circulation within the Shindan dynasty at the time, Emperor Seongjo envisioned an international media outlet that would serve as the platform through which the Shindan dynasty and the Zhenian identity would be recognized.

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