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New World
Area62,985,181 km2
Population densityTBD
GDP (nominal)TBD
GDP per capitaTBD
DemonymVeharia, New Worlder
Countries Florencia
LanguagesModern Standard Elyrian, Sosoni, Lyudic, Zhenian
Largest citiesSerrapole

Veharia, commonly known as the New World, is the largest continent in Themys.


The name Veharia derives from the Elyrian vehar, “sunset” (itself from Elyrian ve, “sun” + har, "fall") plus the suffix -ia which forms geographical names. Correspondence between the Ichorian king and his seneschal, dated to 1093 AC, repeatedly features the term nomos veharives, "westerly land" or "land of sunset", to refer to the newly-discovered territories, the size of which was still unknown.

The earliest known usage of the term Veharia itself, however, dates from an heraldic tapestry created for the Ichorian court in 1096 AC. The piece, which is now in permanent display at the National Academy of Heralds in Azhara, features the coats of arms of the various territories under the rule or suzerainty of the King of Ichoria, labeled with their Elyrian names. Among these is a coat of arms attributed to the new territories, labeled with the Elyricised name of Veharia.

Another commonly used name for the continent is New World. The term derives from the late 11th century AC in the aftermath of the new landmass' discovery by Auroran voyagers. This event expanded the geographical horizon of classical geographers, who had thought of the world as consisting of Aurora, Dihara, and Tarsis, collectively now referred to as the Old World.







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