University of Daedo

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University of Daedo
Howon Square, the central nexus of the university's Central Daedo Campus located just north of Emperor Seongjo Boulevard.
"빛은 동방에서"
Motto in English
"Lights from the East"
Established1909; 115 years ago (1909)
FounderEmperor Seongjo
AffiliationNational Universities of Zhenia
Academic affiliation
Haesong Club
Endowment$24.77 billion (2019 estimate)
PresidentMyeongsin Kim
ProvostRichard Wei
Academic staff
Administrative staff
16,072 (excluding UDMC
1001 Seongjo Boulevard, Shindan-gu District
, , ,
CampusUrban, 177.9 hectares
AthleticsUD Dragons
NicknameThe Daedo Dragons
MascotGolden Dragon

The University of Daedo (Zhenian: 대도대학교), formally the National University of Daedo (Zhenian: 대도국립대학교) and often internationally abbreviated as UDaedo, is a public research university in Daedo, Zhenia. Regarded as one of the most prestigious and selective universities in Zhenia, the University of Daedo is well-known for its academic achievements, selectivity, wealth and research. It is commonly ranked among one of the most prestigious in the world among major education publications.

With its roots on the imperial-chartered Imperial University of Daedo, the university was reorganized by the state following the December Revolution and the subsequent end of the Empire. Under extensive national support, it grew to prominence solely as a research university, affiliating what were previously professional schools into its domain. It became one of the founding members of the Haesong Club in 1557 AC. Although it was largely tied to the state during most of its history, it was independently incorporated along with a select number of national universities after the November Revolution. While its status as the 'academic heart of Zhenia' was challenged shortly after the November Revolution, extensive benefaction from alumni as well as the opening of corporate investment, as well as the liberalization of its admissions system, aided in its resurgence in the international academia.

The University of Daedo is comprised of twelve academic faculties that span across a wide range of academic disciplines for undergraduates and graduate students alike, although some colleges only offer graduate degrees. Its endowment fund, supported by direct endowment from alumni and corporations, is altogether valued at $35 billion as of 1610 AC, the largest for a single university in Zhenia: the endowment fund has allowed for the implication of need-blind admissions and extensive scholarship benefits for its students. Its library and museums are considered as one of the most valuable academic assets in the nation, with the library alone holding almost 20 million items.





Graduate schools


Shindan campus

The 191 ha (472-acre) Shindan campus, also referred to as the Central Daedo campus, is considered the main campus of the university as a whole. It is situated just north of Emperor Seongjo Boulevard, around 3.7 kilometers west of the Arch of Zhenian Unification, and coexists with the site of the former Imperial University of Daedo.

Shin Daedo campus

The 87 ha (215-acre) Shin Daedo campus, located in the northern portion of Daedo's Shin Daedo district, primarily hosts the university's medical campus. The Schools of Medicine, Dentistry and the Public Health are all located within the new campus, all of which have relocated with the opening of the University of Daedo National Medical Center within Shin Daedo in 1603 AC.

Seoan campus

The Seoan campus, located in Daedo's Seoan district, primarily hosts the University's Graduate School of Venture Business.





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