Union of Neo-Renism

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Union of Neo-Renism

신렌주의 연합
LeaderChoi Namseok
PresidentKim Junghun (as Premier)
General SecretaryKim Haechan
FounderLi Shan
FoundedOctober 1, 1999 (1999-10-01)
Headquarters890 Emperor Seongjo Boulevard, Shinsa-gu District, Daedo
NewspaperThe Renist Herald
Think tankAmasar Ren Institute of Policy
Student wingStudents' Union of Neo-Renism
Youth wingYoung Neo-Renists
Women's wingWomen's Union of Neo-Renism
Membership (2020)44,166,310
Political positionCenter to center-left
Slogan"The pillars of history are upon us."
60 / 170
National Assembly
363 / 900

The Union of Neo-Renism (Zhenian: 신렌주의 연합, Shinrenjuyi Yeonhap) is a political party in Zhenia. It is one of the largest contemporary political parties in Zhenia alongside the New Nationalist Party, and as of 1610 AC is the largest party in the nation by number of seats in both the Sangseowon and the National Assembly.


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