Republic Day (Zhenia)

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Republic Day
Military parades mark one of the largest celebrations on Republic Day.
Official nameRepublic Day (Zhenian: 공화절)
Also calledRevolution Day (Zhenian: 혁명절)
Day of Democracy (민주절)
Observed byZhenia
SignificanceThe day in 1499 AC when the Republic of Zhenia replaced the Empire, as well as in 1570 AC when the November Revolution resulted in the end of the Third Republic and the establishment of the Fourth Republic the same day.
CelebrationsMilitary parades, governmental ceremonies and remembrances, concerts, tribute to national memorials, historical reenactments
DateDecember 1
Next timeDecember 1, 2024 (2024-12-01)

Republic Day (Zhenian: 공화절), also referred to as Revolution Day (Zhenian: 혁명절) or the Day of Democracy (Zhenian: 민주주의의 날), is a national holiday in Zhenia. It commemorates two events at the same day - one in 1499, when the Republic of Zhenia was established and formally replaced the Empire of Zhenia, and the other in 1570, when the end of the November Revolution as well as the establishment of the Fourth Republic, the current form of the Zhenian government. It is one of the most revered and celebrated national holidays in Zhenia, alongside National Day.




Public events

Republic Day is initially accompanied with an array of government-level events throughout the nation, although a considerable amount of the events are held at Daedo. The event mostly begins with speeches from both the Chancellor and the Premier, followed by commemorations of those who had participated in the November Revolution, marches of military bands and military parades along Emperor Seongjo Boulevard. The military parades on Republic Day are regarded as one of the two largest military parades in the nation held every year, alongside the one on National Day. On most occasions, all governmental events are held and monitored at the Plaza of Zhenian Unification: in events of rain and snow, events are either held in the plaza with a rain cover or are relocated completely indoors in the Daedo National Gymnasium, located around 5.6 kilometers southwest of the plaza.

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