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Qarani Republic

Flag of Qaras
Cosmogram of Qaras
Motto: In divine grace enshrined
File:Qaras Map.png
Earth map with Qaras highlighted
Official languagesQarani
Ethnic groups
  • 93% Qarani
  • 3% Madhi
  • 1% Veran
  • 3% Misc.
GovernmentUnitary semi-executive anointed republic
LegislaturePopular Assembly
CurrencyQarani Dinar ()
Date formatyyyy-mm-dd
Driving sideright

Qaras (Qarani: File:Qaras name.png, IPA: [qarəç]), officially the Qarani Republic (Qarani: File:Qaras name longform.png) and historically known as Carcosa, is a nation in Southern Tarsis. The country consists of the Qarani peninsula, as well as contiguous continental territories and the semi-exclave of Armadha, all located on the northernmost reach of the Gulf of Hali.