Popular Assembly of Achysia

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Popular Assembly
Coat of Arms of the Popular Assembly
Lower house
of the Imperial Courts of Achysia
Founded16 Highbloom 1545
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Political groups
  • Government (166)
    •   FC 35
    •   UNPA 34
    •   LZ 33
    •   CE 32
    •   PNȚ-SD 31
    •   DUM 1
    Opposition (163)
Meeting place
Court of the Assembly
Palace of the Courts

The Popular Assembly (Achysian:) is the lower house of the Imperial Courts of Achysia and one of its two chambers, alongside the Imperial Council, together with which it forms the legislative branch of the Achysian realm. It was established in 1545 by the Fundamental Law of the Realm, and it is seated in the imperial capital of Vathora, holding its sessions in the Palace of the Courts.