National Security Act (Zhenia)

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Headquarters of the National Department of Security, one of the primary enforcers of the law.

The National Security Act (Zhenian: 국가보안법/國家保安法) is a Zhenian law that has been enforced shortly after the Coup of 1549, with the primary purpose of "ensuring the security and unity of the Zhenian state as well as the liberty and subsistence of Zhenian nationals, through the legal regulation of both ongoing and anticipated activities that do or seek to undermine the security of the state". A continuity of similar legislation in place since the Empire of Zhenia and later the First Republic, it is considered one of the legal cornerstones of open suppression of secessionist movements in the nation to this day.

While the Zhenian constitution assures freedom of speech, press, petition and assembly for all of its nationals, behaviors and speeches deemed against the unity of the Zhenian state, most notably secessionist movements by Wei Zhenians, can be punished and suppressed in accordance to the National Security Act. While there have been several attempts to annul and eventually repeal the act altogether, especially after the December Revolution, all of such proposals have been defeated amid further disputes concerning Zhenian integrity and identity. However, amid calls by human rights organizations after the end of the Third Republic, additional articles have been added to minimize its arbitrary application since the 1570s AC, with added clauses to "adhere to the core values of the Zhenian Constitution and the human rights it upholds".



The National Security Act defines "actions against the state" as those that have a character of "promoting the undermining of the unity of the State through aiming a rebellion against the State or the separation of Zhenian territory into more than one entity with a command and leadership system". It further defines "anti-government organizations" as "organizations with a command and leadership system that has acted or has committed anticipated activities that do or seek to undermine the existence and unity of the Zhenian State". With the two defined together, the National Security Act seeks empower the State to actively suppress both anti-government organizations and actions against the state.

Under such contexts, the National Security Act made all separatist and secessionist movements by ethnic minority groups conspiring against the nation.




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