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The Themys Project is an RP and worldbuilding-focused project with a collaborative ethos. Members create the past and impact the future of a fictional world, working towards building a realistic, cohesive, and imaginative whole.

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The Niun-Shindan War was the last of the wars traditionally included by historians in the larger conflict known as the Wars of Zhenian Transition, being fought from 1430 to 1438. It was strongly tied to the rest of the transitional conflicts experienced throughout East Tarsis, and in the political instability and border tensions created by the Third Zhu-Shindan War. The flight of many Zhu loyalists to the south in the Great Escape led to the formation of the Niun Dynasty, which claimed the Mandate of Heaven and direct succession from the Zhu, directly challenging the Shindanese claim over the Mandate and attracting the support of many Zhu loyalists and Wei refugees. With Shindan being initially unable to challenge the Niun due to the instability of their control over what had formerly been the northern territories of the Zhu, the Niun managed to consolidate their position, pacify the regions under the control, and to create a military that continued the reforms started in the last period of the Zhu.

The stabilization of the situation in both nations, and the defeat by Shindan of the last other possible claimant dynasty in the region inevitably led to conflict... (See more...)

Featured Country
Shinlim (Zhenian: 신림, more formally referred to as the Republic of Shinlim (Zhenian: 신림공화국, pronounced 'Sinlim Gonghwaguk'), is a unitary presidential republic located in Northwest Veharia. The modern nation of Shinlim has an area of around 2,800,000 km2 of territory in Northwest Veharia, and is subdivided into 21 provinces, 3 municipalities and 1 special city. Shinlim borders Maskinaw to its east and has a long west coast along the Hanmaric Ocean. The country is home to around 115 million citizens with the largest city being Shinman, with the central city being home to 9.1 million people, and including the metropolitan area surrounding it, this number climbs to around 20 million.

Shinlim remains a popular destination for international tourists, especially due to her scenery and geography and since the 17th century, has increasingly become a cultural powerhouse.. (See more...)

Recent News
  • Niun Senior Grand Secretary Dachong (pictured) announces the 15th diplomatic summit between Niunkuet and Zhenia for the continuation of the detente policies adopted the by two former Tarsic rivals in 1565.
  • The Azoran Communities officially start the campaigning season for the 1611 Azoran elections.
This Month in History
  • 12 February, 1413 - Akreon the Golden, the first Emperor of the Soria Dynasty is crowned as Emperor and Autocrat of the Achysians and the Elyrians, marking the foundation of the Achysian Monarchy
  • 18 February, 1435 - Battle of Tianghai. Banners of the Yin dynasty reinforced by Righteous Armies meet Shindanese forces in front of the Yinguonese city of Tianghai, beginning of the most bloody battles of the Yin-Shindan War.
  • 20 February 1535 - A local armistice is signed between the forces of Kathia and of the All-Achysian Transitional Government in the city of Hyelodon.