Kingdom of Limoni

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The Kingdom of Limoni
ㅏㅜㅍㅜㄴㅣ ㄹㅣㅁㅗㄴㅣ

496 MK–380 MK
Common languages Kapukan Language
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• 496 MK-424 MK
Kanuha Luana
• 424 MK-382 MK
Kei Kealoha
• Established
496 MK
• Death of Kei Kealoha
382 MK
• Split Into Four Kingdoms
380 MK

The Kingdom of Limoni (Kupkan: ㅏㅜㅍㅜㄴㅣ ㄹㅣㅁㅗㄴㅣ), was a historical Kingdom that existed as an early predecessor to modern-day Kapuku, from 496 MK until the foundation of the Four Kingdoms in 382 MK. Spanning over timeperiod of 114 years, it saw two kings during its existence - Kanuha Luana and Kei Kealoha


The Kingdom of Limoni saw 2 major accomplisments. From 496 MK to 408 MK, nearly every island in the Kapukan Archipelago was settled. The kingdom also founded the city of Lono, the capital city of modern-day Kapuku.

End of the The Kingdom of Limoni

In 382 MK, king Kei Kealoha died. His four sons disaggreed on how to split the islands. With each son. having control of an island, they fought for two years with the kingdom of Limoni collapsing into just the city of Lono. In 380 MK, the sons. came to an aggreement to split the islands amoungst themselves. This event marked the start of the Four Kingdoms.

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