Kim Dojin

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Kim Dojin

Official portrait

Premier of the Shindan dynasty
In office
December 2, 888 AC – August 3, 914 AC
Preceded byShindan established
Succeeded byChoi Seung-ro
Personal details
Born(1240-03-20)20 March 1240
Modern-day Jin-Nampo, Namhae Province,  Zhenia
Died28 February 1324(1324-02-28) (aged 83)
Sanggyeong, Shindan (modern-day  Zhenia)
Cause of deathAssassination
Spouse(s)Choi Miran
ParentsUnrecorded in history
ProfessionStatesman, politician, ideologist

Kim Dojin (Seomun: 金道軫, Jinmun: 김도진), also known for his alternate name Sambong (Seomun: 三峰, Jinmun: 삼봉), was a Zhenian ideologist and scholar-official, as well as the first Premier (State Councillor) of Shindan since 888 AC, when the Shindan dynasty was established, until his assassination in 914 AC. Unlike previous dynasties, Kim Dojin visioned the Shindan dynasty to be centered around the Premier rather than become an autocracy by the king; his teachings and writings concerning the welfare of the people and the security of the nation as well as the governance of the nation, reflect such considerations. He advocated for the existence of a centralized political system with the state's ruling power split between the king and the Premier (State Councillor), backed by a strong centralized military force, a robust examination system for civil servants that will be overseen directly by the state and the egalitarian ownership of farmland by self-sustaining farmers.

Kim Dojin was born out of wedlock between an aristocrat and his servant in modern-day Jin-Nampo, Namhae Province. Despite discrimination as a child born out of wedlock and other difficulties, he emerged from commoner status after passing the governmental civil service examination as first place, after which he started climbing the ladder of government service.

After siding with prominent Daehwanese general Li Shangmu, Kim became his primary advisor in internal affairs within the royal courts.

Regarded as the 'engineer of the Shindan dynasty', Kim Dojin is regarded by many as the true father of Shindan.

Early life

Rise to power

Overthrowing Daehwa

State Councilor of Shindan



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