Justice & Liberty

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Justice & Liberty

Thamazer ramakporz
LeaderBseke Penyaz
FoundedFebruary 22, 1506
Split fromKatamuran Century Party
NewspaperLiberty Articles
Student wingJustice & Liberty Associates League
Youth wingchildren of Liberty
Political positionCenter-right to right
SloganToday's Justice is Tomorrow's Liberty
Winter Hall
41 / 117
Summer Hall
212 / 458
Spring Council
11 / 23

The Justice & Liberty Party (Thamazer ramakporz) is a political party represented in the Katamur Legislature. It is a Center-right wing party that possesses some policies in right wing political theory that was founded in 1506 after political disagreement from the Katamuran Century Party led many to leave and form Justice & Liberty. The party is one of three major political parties that are heavily represented in all legislative wings of the Imperial Councils and has been the leading party since the 1599 elections under three different Party leaders with the current party leader and People's Delegate, Bseke Penyaz serving since 1603 after the Terkezmi Scandal.

The party, Justice & Liberty originate from the First Social Awakening. A period of instability in Katamur politics following the near conclusion of the reconstruction period. The Katamuran Century Party, one of the largest parties at the time, began to split apart due to varying political opinions on the path of the nation following the return to the global state. Justice & Liberty came from this split, supporting a march into more conservative policies after more then a decade of center-left policy from the Civil Republic Party. The party gained popularity after the Civil Republic Party's unpopular stance on the First Great War and won the Emergency 1512 Election. Following that success, Justice & Liberty had been brought forward as the most popular successor for the new defunct Katamuran Century Party and the pillar of moderate right wing policy. The party survived the chaos of the Second Social Awakening Following Katamur's loss in the Second Great War and was able to establish itself as the bedrock of the current national political system.

Justice & Liberty's primary policies, solidified since the conclusion of the Second Great War, focus on the separation of the government from many parts of the economy, favoring a hands off approach to the local economy while protecting it from international interference. Commonly placing a preference on local businesses through the instillation of tariffs. The party is also known for it's support of the improvement of Social national infrastructure including the Art & Education fields which they view as important tools to maintain the unity of the Katamuran Identity, another popular stance the party holds.