Harbinger of Democracy

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Statue of the Harbinger of Democracy in Daedo's Democracy Square during the November Revolution.

The Harbinger of Democracy (Zhenian: 민주주의의 전조신), formally the Harbinger of Democracy Upon the World, is an iron statue located at the center of Democracy Square in front of the National Parliament Hall. Although its initial iteration was constructed from foam and wood over a metal framework, a more permanent one was constructed after the November Revolution based on the metal framework of the original statue. It is positioned to face the north from the south, so that the statue directly faces the National Parliament Hall and thus represents the conscience of the Zhenian people in maintaining the democratic order upon which Zhenia stands today.


Use in the November Revolution

After the November Revolution


There are several replicas of the statue around the nation, although the original version in front of the National Parliament Hall today is the most notable. Widely considered a symbol of the November Revolution, it is normally erected in locations associated to the November Revolution and other events concerning the democratization of Zhenia. Notable examples include:

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