Haliarchic State

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Haliarchic State and Autocephaly of the Holy Elyria

Flag of the Haliarchic State and informal flag of the Ecumenical Communion
Emblem of the Ecumenical Communion
Anthem: Speak unto all peoples
File:Haliarchy map inwu.png
World map with the Haliarchic State highlighted
Map of the Haliarchic State
CapitalHoly Elyria
Official languagesElyrian
Recognised national languagesAchysian
Ecumenical Vayonism
Demonym(s)Elyrian, Haliarchic, Holy Elyrian
GovernmentUnitary absolutist haliocracy under delegated authority by the Haliarch
• Haliarch
Divian XVI
• Steward
Morana Sula
LegislatureChamber of Envoys
• 2017 estimate
CurrencyAuroran Orys ()
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideright

The Haliarchic State, commonly known as the Haliarchy and officially known as the Haliarchic State and Autocephaly of the Holy Elyria is a country encompassing the Elyrian Peninsula under the direct sovereign rule of the Haliarch, who is the Patriarch of New Elyria and, being first among equals, the ceremonial head of the Ecumenical Communion. It has a customs union and a monetary union with the Empire of Achysia, under the terms of which it is in practice bound by Auroran Community regulations and a member of its Common Travel Area.

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