Daedo Central Station

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Daedo Central Station
Railway station
Location370 Mujin-daero Boulevard, Shinsa-gu, Daedo
Elevation41 m
Owned byZhenRail
Operated byZhenRail
Platforms21 island
2 side
ConnectionsDaedo Metropolitan Bus System
Daedo Metropolitan Taxicab
Various ridesharing services
Structure typemixed
Depth104 m
Platform levels9
Bicycle facilities3201
Disabled accessYes
Other information
Station code001
Opened4 June 1881 (1881-06-04)
Passengers (2019)3.34 million per day

The Daedo Central Station (Zhenian: 대도중앙역) is a Zhenian passenger and freight railway station located in the Chungmu-gu District, Daedo. It is the largest station in the nation by floor area and volume, serving over 3 million passengers each day through various train services. Spanning over 3 aboveground and 7 underground floors, it serves its passengers by a total of 55 tracks dedicated for passenger rail, while 5 tracks are dedicated for freight rail. Daedo Central Station today is one of the busiest train stations in the world.



The site of what is now Daedo Central Station had been preemptively drawn out as a site for a future transit hub for Daedo's newly-developed Munmu-gu district since the advent of the Empire of Zhenia, its location in close proximity to the newly-constructed Sudo-gu district. Coupled with the construction of railroads traversing the Danguk Peninsula and linking Daedo to continental Zhenia, the site was finalized as the location of a major railway station in 1565 by the Imperial Government.


Daedo Metro

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Zhenia National Express

Daedo Central Station is one of the four central stations within Daedo serviced by the Zhenia National Express (ZNX), alongside Daedo North Station, Daedo South Station and Shin Daedo Station. Situated in the center of downtown Daedo, it is the largest central node of all ZNX services running across Zhenia.

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