Climate of Kathia

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The climate of Kathia comprises the wider range of range of long-term average weather conditions across Kathia's landscape and topography. Kathia is primarily situated on the Kathic plain, a large fertile area bounded to the west by the Cavordans Mountains and to the east the Central Azoran Range. As such, a large swath of Kathia is classified as oceanic climate, which includes most of the Kathic Plain. The Southeast of Kathia is almost entirely humid subtropical climate, along with the southwest. The very southwest corner of Kathia includes mediterreanean climate, where the most mild climate of Kathia is said to be due to its near-constant year-round mild temperatures. The northeast of Kathia includes the Great Kathic Desert, the only desert in West Azora. This area is mostly cold desert climate, intermixed with steppe climate. This area formed as a result of the rain shadow effect created by the Central Azoran Range, and includes many microclimates. The north and northwest of Kathia are mostly {wp|humid continental climate|humid continental}}, while the Laszian Coast is oceanic and more mild compared to the Laszian Interior.



Kathic Plain




A large swath of land in the Northeast was, and still is, covered with sagebrush

The northeast of Kathia contains what is often said to be the "most exotic, extremes, and beautiful" climate in Azora. The Central Azoran Range creates a rain shadow effect in this area, and it is home to a large number of smaller mountain ranges, valleys, and plateaus. It is home to a relatively large cold-desert, where little vegetation is present.

Northern Kathia

Northwest and Laszia