Azoran Communities

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Azoran Communities
Flag of the Azoran Communities
Emblem of the Azoran Communities
Anthem: Song of Azora
Institutional seatCommunities' Complex, Monitava
Largest cityAzhara
Official languages
TypePolitical, military and economic union
Member states
GovernmentSupranational and intergovernmental
• President of the Council
Morenal Leza
• Chairman of the Assembly
Mayara Vazaros
• President of the Commission
Houdan Varszelle
LegislatureAzoran Assembly
1 Highbloom 1542
CurrencyAuroran Orys (Ↄ)
in the Common Currency Area

The Azoran Communities are four international organisations centred in the continent of Azora and based on the common set of institutions and laws established in the Treaty of Monitava. The origins of the Communitary System, as it is also known, lie in the formation of the Azoran Defense Community following the events of the Second Great War in Western Azora. The military alliance developed during the postwar period, and as part of several projects promoting Azoran reconciliation, the Azoran Economical Community was founded shortly afterwards, in order to better integrate the economies of its member states, and increased inter-Azoran trade led to the creation of the Azoran Commercial Community. The decline of several of the Azoran great powers following the increasing development of a new geopolitical order in the latter decades of the 16th century increased the support for further integration, and the development of nuclear technology contributed to the declaration of the Azoran Nuclear Energy Community.

Although the issue of relations between the different Communities was and still remains contentious in modern Azoran discourse, continued cooperation between the Azoran states led to the Treaty of Hyelodon, which formed the Azoran Political Community and the Intercommunitary Mediation System, and standardised institutional rules and laws in the Azoran Communitary System. Further reorganisations merged the Commercial Community with the Economic Community, and granted the Political Community the ability to legislate in matters of Azoran law, while also creating the Azoran Citizenship System. Today, the Azoran Communities are a complex system, with some membership not necessarily shared between the individual communities, and with separate goals that sometimes overlap and sometimes diverge. Together, the Azoran Communities are one of the largest groups of institutions in Themys, and are often described as one of the world's leading power blocs, although the exact extent of intercommunitary cooperation continues to remain an area of dispute, and the complicated system governing them means that the Communities are often difficult to compare with other international organisations.

The Azoran Communities are effectively a political, military and economical union of several member states, marked by a monetary union and an internal market, and also cooperating in terms of trade, development, and foreign relations. Despite the fact that several member states are members are part of some but not of all Communities, the AC have a diplomatic identity and represent themselves together in front of other nations or intergovernmental organisations. The Communities, due to their global influence and power are often described as an emerging superpower, and as one of the major power blocs contribution to the multipolar geopolitical situation of the world.