Arch of Zhenian Unification

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Arch of Zhenian Unification
Night view of the Arch c. 1580.
Former namesArch of Kim Shimin, Arch of Zhenian Achievement
Alternative namesZhenian Unification Monument
EtymologyCommemoration of Zhenian Unification
General information
Address1 Emperor Seongjo Boulevard
Town or cityDaedo
Named forEnd of the Wars of Zhenian Unification in 1538
GroundbreakingMay 21, 1554
Topped-outDecember 17, 1557
InauguratedJune 4, 1558
ClientGovernment of Zhenia
OwnerGovernment of Zhenia
Height68 m (223 ft)
Other dimensionsWidth: 53 m (174 ft)
Depth: 23 m (75 ft)
Technical details
MaterialWhite granite, marble
Design and construction
ArchitectWang Jinseok
Kim Pilsan
EngineerChang Manseok

The Arch of Zhenian Unification (Zhenian: 진국통일개선문) is a triumphal arch located in Daedo, Zhenia and is one of the city's best-known monuments. Situated at the center of Sudo-gu district where Emperor Seongjo Boulevard and Kim Shimin Boulevard meet to form a roundabout around it, the area around the arch's radial roundabout and the arch together form the Plaza of Zhenian Unification. It was built to commemorate the anniversary of Zhenian unification as a result of the end of the Wars of Zhenian Unification and the subsequent creation of the modern Zhenian state, as well as honor all of those who have been sacrificed in the process, with the names of Zhenian military leaders and scenes of Zhenian victories depicted on the inner and outer walls of the arch.

There had been plans to build a monument to commemorate Zhenian unification around the 1490s during the Empire of Zhenia, it was cancelled during the events leading to the December Revolution. A second attempt to construct an arch-like monument surfaced during the Second Great War but was halted due to the Zhenian defeat in 1538. Construction of the arch, with complete redesigns and noticeable changes in the overall structure, re-emerged during the Third Republic under Kim Shimin, with the purpose of both commemorating Zhenian unification and instilling a sense of unity throughout the populace. The cornerstone of the monument was laid on May 21, 1554; the last stone was laid on December 17, 1557; the completed monument was dedicated on February 26, 1558 and officially opened June 4, 1558, coinciding with National Day and the 120th anniversary of Zhenian unification.

Standing at 68 meters, the Arch of Zhenian Unification remains the single tallest structure in Zhenia solely dedicated for the purpose of commemorating Zhenian unification. It is also by far the tallest arch in the nation, with the nation's second-largest arch, the Arch of the Sun, standing at 44.1 meters.


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Plaza of Zhenian Unification

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