All-Achysian Transitional Government

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All-Achysian Transitional Government

Աքիշիական անցումային կառավարություն
Ak’ishiakan ants’umayin karravarut’yun
Coat of Arms of the Transitional Government
Coat of Arms
Motto: "Vita in libertate, vel mors!!"
'Live in liberty, or die!
Common languagesAchysian, High Elyrian
GovernmentProvisional Military council
• 1534-1536
Myaros Soria
LegislatureCourts of the Transition
Council of the Transition
Assembly of the Transition
Historical eraVarious
24 Scaldwane 1534
• Established
29 Scaldwane 1534
• Disestablished
7 Fallset 1536
6 Fallset 1536
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Holy Achysian Empire
Second Achysian Republic
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The All-Achysian Transitional Government (Achysian: Աքիշիական անցումային կառավարություն, tr. Ak’ishiakan ants’umayin karravarut’yun) was the provisional military government that took power in Achysia following the victory of the rebel forces in the Aylalian Coup against the Autocratic government that was ruling the country at the time. With the elimination of the Autocratic elite and of their loyalist forces, and with the widespread support of the Imperial Achysian Host, the leaders of the rebels declared martial law and organized a military council that took immediate control of all affairs. Continuing to purge Autocratic elements from important positions in the state and announcing their desire to organize a transition to a democratic system of government, the Transitional Government was initially unable to sigh an armistice with Kathia, and as such continued to fight in the Second Great War, but following the events at the end of 1534, it was officially recognized as the legitimate Achysian government and signed the Armistice of Ayeledon. The Achysian Co-Beligerent Army was reorganized under a joint Kathic-Achysian command and continued to fight against the enemies in the east and also against various rebel forces in the country, until the eventual end of the war. The Transitional Government conceded the entirety of Valentia and order border territories to Kathia, accepted Kathic occupation forces and pledged to pay war reparations to the countries it had occupied, while also de jure placing all the former Achysian colonies under a Kathic mandate. The transition to a democratic government was completed under the oversight of the Achysian Council of Democratization and Deautocratization and it ended with the formal adoption of the First Constitution of the Republic in 1536, with the Transitional Government transferring its authority to the new Achysian Republic following the end of the elections.